A Walk in the Forest

Words: Laura Pendlebury | Photography: Mirko Nicholson


The snow crunched quietly beneath my feet and my breath escaped in small white clouds as I moved further into the deserted forest. The sky was a dull, flat grey and the limited daylight was fading fast. The temperature fell further as small flakes of snow drifted lightly to the forest floor, covering my footprints in the path. This was a level of silence I had never experienced before; even the animals were quiet, too cold for them to explore the forest. I was the only person here, the only person moving laboriously down the snow covered track. A sense of peace washed over me; I had never felt this alone before and yet it was not the lonely experience I had imagined. Instead, I felt calm, more relaxed than I had for a long time. 

The deeper into the forest I walked, the happier I became. The trees, closer together now, provided some cover from the ever increasing snow fall as the sky turned darker. I knew I did not have long left until the sun set altogether, the Nordic winter days giving only a few hours of sunlight. I was determined to see as much of this white, frosted wonderland as I could in the time I had left. Eventually, light fading to a darkness free from light pollution, I was forced to leave my tranquil bubble. Looking back, my tracks were already covered by the heavy snow that was now falling. It was as though I had never been there.