Apuan Alps

Italian Photographer Filippo Maffei explores the magnetic pull of the Apuan Alps in Northern Tuscany in his latest visual story.

I shot these photos during a day trip around the Apuan Alps, part of the Apennine Mountain range. I usually go there with friends to escape from the summer crowds. We live by the sea and it only takes 45 minutes to get to the mountains from my house in Viareggio. The Apuan Alps is a mountain range that was born from the sea; the harsh pressure approximately 25 million years ago transformed the limestone into white marble. Michelangelo used to come here and take the raw marble to create his masterpieces. There is something so magnetic about these peaks, something that continuously draws me here. I keep roaming these paths between abyss and high planes, between marble caves and untouched meadows. The solitude of this place is disarming, it is like entering into another world, away from this civilisation and stuck in an unknown time.

Photography & Words: Filippo Maffei