Arran Witheford


An interview with Dorset based travel and landscape photographer Arran Witheford.


What inspired you to start taking photographs?

I was around 12 years old and on a family holiday in Barbados. I met a guy there who must have been around 15, and he was shooting using a Canon. I ended up spending the entire two weeks following him around the resort and beaches watching how he used it and learning little tips and tricks from him. As soon as I got home I decided to save up and buy my first camera, so I guess I have him to thank for being my first real source of inspiration. My love of photography really started from that point and grew from there.

What type of photography are you most passionate about? 

For me, landscape and travel are the style of photography which excite me the most. I love capturing places in different perspectives and always try to find a few no-one else has seen before.

How does being based in Dorset impact upon your style of photography? 

I like making well known places look like they could be anywhere in the world. Dorset really is beautiful, and I feel that maybe places like that can get over looked with the huge amount of incredible destinations we are constantly bombarded with, especially over social media. I aim to show off my local area in a way that hasn’t been seen before. I want to make people second guess when they realise my photography is actually a local spot around the corner from them, rather than somewhere they are going to have to travel for hours to get to.

What story are you trying to capture through your images?

I try to capture the exact moment I’m feeling in the images I take. I only shoot during the sunrise or sunset due to the fact I love photographing in softer light. It brings out the colours and the atmosphere of the story I am trying to portray; the peacefulness and the raw, natural beauty of the landscape.  If I’m shooting the coast I am incredibly fussy and will only work with the landscape if the water is completely calm; I have never liked the look of stormy water in my photographs. I hope the stories I tell through my photographs inspire people to get out and explore their surrounding environment. I want them to see the beauty in their home, rather than always feeling they must travel somewhere else to see something beautiful. Having said that, I would love to visit New Zealand and Hawaii - they have such incredible landscapes and I’m hoping I can travel over there one day.

What camera equipment and gear do you use?

I use a canon 5D Mark III and a DJI phantom 4 pro+.

Whose work has influenced you most?

There are so many incredible photographers out there, but currently I am most influenced by Donal Boyd, Jordan Hammond and Jacob Riglin. They are all are insane at what they do. 

View more of Arran Witheford's work by visiting his Instagram page.