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Clifton Suspension Bridge | Bristol

Clifton Suspension Bridge

The Bridge

The Clifton Suspension Bridge, an incredible Grade 1 listed structure masterminded by one of the most ingenious and prolific figures in engineering history; Isambard Kingdom Brunel. This vast, steel road bridge floats above the Avon Gorge and offers a stunning backdrop to the Avon and Somerset countryside. As you walk through Clifton Village and make your way to the viewing point you get a sense that this isn't just another bridge but a symbol for the City of Bristol. Leaves, only recently fallen litter the path to the viewing point creating vibrant colours that only add to the beauty of this location. As you reach the top of the short path and stare down into the gorge below your eyes are immediately drawn to the towering pillars that hold this iconic structure together. Built over a 30-year period from 1831 to 1864, the bridge highlights the importance of Britain’s industrial age. For almost 150 years this listed structure has attracted visitors from all over the world and holds a legendary status in this country’s engineering history.



Clifton Village, hidden away from the busy city streets is a beautiful suburb of Bristol and only a short walk from the city centre. As you walk on a late autumn afternoon, as the sun begins to set, past stunning Georgian town houses its easy to understand the cities appeal. Clifton, renowned for having the most iconic spots in the city, including Brunel’s famous Suspension Bridge, the Observatory and Bristol Zoo. The main village is lined with independent cafes, shops and restaurants including Papersmiths; a stationary and paper goods shop with a unique collection of curated magazines and city guides. 


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