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Coastal Maine

Words & Photography: Lewis Hackett

cape neddick drone landscape (1 of 1).jpg

During the first week of spring, I was afforded the opportunity to spend a long weekend in coastal Maine. Most people choose to travel to this region during the summer, for camping and sailing, or in the Autumn months to observe the blazing foliage. Maine is not a popular destination in the earlier months; the climate is harsh and unforgiving. The weather during my visit was cold, snowy, and pretty much all vegetation had died. The local seaside towns were empty, silent places and yet, throughout my visit, I was drawn to the rugged coastline and lighthouses standing proudly on the rocks. As this time of year in Maine is so unpopular, I was able to enjoy these areas with little disturbance from other tourists. The rough sea and crying seagulls added just the right amount of movement and dynamics to make the landscape come alive before my eyes. After spending just a few days there, I can see why locals are prepared to put up with the harsh winters; the beauty this season creates is breath taking. Having said that, I cannot wait to return in the summer months to view the landscape from a different perspective.

portland head storm landscape (1 of 1).jpg
Cape neddick close landscape (1 of 1).jpg