Cradle Mountain

Words & Photography: Ryan Cheng


Cradle Mountain is located in the Central Highlands region of Tasmania and was highly recommended to me for my first trip to the Apple Isle. Sadly, the weather was not kind at all and the clouds rolled in, releasing torrential rain and causing the temperature to drop close to zero. The mood and atmosphere of locations are intrinsically entwined with the weather, however as I approached the peak of the mountain, the gloomy weather could not dampen the natural beauty that was before me. The first thing that hits you is how fresh the air is up there, so cold that you can feel it in your lungs. Your face becomes numb as the wind slices up against it. The surrounding trees and foliage came alive in the rain, the droplets forming a glassy mosaic that accentuated the soft green, cutting through the gloom of the day. Then there was the mountain itself, towering above its surroundings. It's rocky surface gleamed as the rains symphonic pitter-patter echoed throughout the gorge below. The autumn coloured frondescence that hugged the crevices tied the environment together, creating a picture perfect scene regardless of the weather. I often hear people say photographs are best taken during the golden hour: dusk or dawn. But I believe that a good photograph can be taken at anytime - you just have to be willing to find it, rain, hail or shine.