Interview with Felix Sjödahl

What inspired you to start taking photographs?

The story about how I first got into photography is pretty random. I was between two jobs for about two weeks in late summer 2016. The weather was crap and none of my friends were free. Added to this, I had just stopped playing in a punk-rock band so I was feeling a great lack of creative expression. Anyhow, I ended up watching some outdoor videos on YouTube. The next day Andrew Kearns vlogs came up in the recommended section on YouTube. I had never watched a vlog before so I decided to give it a go, even though I had no idea who he was. Right away I felt that this was definitely something for me and a few days later I ordered my first camera. 

What type of photography are you most passionate about?

I guess I'm happy as long as I'm discovering new places and meeting new people. So definitely portraiture and landscape photography are my favourite and the styles I feel most passionate about.

How does being based in Sweden impact your style of photography?

That's a tricky question. I haven't really been photographing much in Sweden other than commercial stuff since I've mostly been out travelling. Once I was back in Sweden I've had to work to save up money for the next trip. Although now that I'm starting to make some money out of my photography, I feel like I have the time to go out and explore more of Sweden.

What story are you trying to capture behind your images?

At the moment, I’m using photography as a tool to get out there and meet new people and discover new places. I guess I'm just documenting my own journey to become the person I never thought I'd be.

What reaction do you aim to inspire in people when they view your images?

I'm happy as long as I've inspired a few people to get out there and pursue their dream. I don’t think you can really ask for more than that!

What camera equipment and gear do you use? 

I'm currently shooting with a Canon 5D mk III and a variety of zoom lenses: Canon 16-35/2.8L ii, Canon 24-70/2.8L ii, Canon 70-200/2.8L IS.

What location has been your favourite so far?

I think I would have to say Iceland. It was the first trip I went to with a camera in my hands so I feel like that's when my ‘new life' began. Also, it's the country I decided to propose to my fiancee in. So Iceland definitely holds a special place in my heart, making it by far my favourite place I have been to date.

Where would you love to visit or photograph in the future?

I want to see every corner of this beautiful planet we call home, so I would have to say everywhere. If I had to choose one place to visit right now, I would have to say I really want to explore North America. 

Whose work has influenced you the most?

That's an easy one, Andrew Kearns. 

To view more of Felix Sjödahl's photography visit his Instagram and website.