Francli Craftwear


Founder Alison Goodman explains the idea behind her hardy work wear and outdoor accessories brand Francli Craftwear.

Could you give us a brief introduction to your brand?

Francli is a branded expression of what I’m interested in as a designer and maker. I’m fascinated with what motivates people, especially when money or fame isn’t involved. That’s why Francli focuses on crafts and outdoors people; to me they are the epitome of pursuing a goal purely for the personal journey and satisfaction. There’s something quite profound about honing a craft or skill, it’s like trying to achieve perfection even though you know perfection isn’t possible. It’s both frustrating and rewarding at the same time, and totally addictive!

Here in Cornwall there’s an amazing network of these alternative creatives and adventurers, who are a constant source of inspiration. The way I develop a new design is to work closely alongside them, watching their day-to-day work/life habits, learning a bit about their craft and trying to understand what makes them tick. The results are directly informed by these experiences and come from a much more authentic and functional place than if I were only working from my computer. I’m not really interested in trends or objects for objects sake, I get excited if there’s a problem to solve and making something that is helpful and will get used a lot.


Photography: Victoria May Harrison