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Co-Founder Stephen Cornwall discusses his reasons for starting adventure gear brand Hatchet. 

Could you tell us all about your brand Hatchet and how it all began?

Hatchet has been an idea that Mark and I have had for a few years. Since finishing university in Otago in 2010, we have been on a few adventures around NZ and overseas. Each time there was always some part of our kit that failed us, which more often than not really hindered the experience. This shifted our focus to quality, searching for not only the highest quality products but also functional and that looked good. 

We searched for products from New Zealand and around the world. We found great joy in finding knives, axes and packs that will be around for generations to come. This is when the idea of opening a store first came about. Our thoughts became, if we like these products, then our mates might too.  

We're not necessarily the Bear Grylls type, but have a passion for exploring and getting into nature. Everything was self taught and there were plenty of late nights and weekends spent teaching myself how to build a website and create a brand. This is where the help of Georgia Yates (@workbykindly) and Logan (@smiddybacall) came in, a couple of passionate creatives doing what they love. 

In early 2016 we had our brand identity. Hatchet. It's likeness was one of man's oldest and greatest discoveries. Even though times have changed, somethings haven't. The Hatchet is still a symbol. It stands for something; a way of life. Working hard, getting outside, staying tough and remaining humble. It serves as a connection to nature, to exploration and to craft. It stands against mediocrity. It's not about having more, it's about having less but having better. Hatchet embodies all of these things. It's another destination on the list, albeit a digital one. 

I will be the first to admit that I'm not the ultimate kiwi bushman, but that's not our target. We started Hatchet as a way to sell products we want to eventually hand down to the next generation. But we also want to encourage people to get outdoors and enjoy nature. If some of our content can get across the screen of somebody working in an office on a Friday, and motivate them to go on that hike we mentioned or escape to the coast to catch a wave, then we will feel completely satisfied. 

Visit www.hatchetco.co.nz to view their beautiful collection of adventure gear and travel accessories.