In Search of Silence

Words & Photography: Nadya Zim


It’s not easy to find silence in the modern world, which leaves me wondering if most humans just don't want to be in silence. They seem to be afraid of it. What would a truly quiet place even mean to us today? My on-going series, In Search of Silence, is my mission to capture the places or moments when at least my mind feels completely free from noise. This mission is not about escaping the city's noise of humans and engines. We've been drowning in that sound for so long already. (Let's face it, even in the national parks it's getting hard to find some peace and quiet because of the sounds of endless crowds of humans, cars, planes, now also drones.) I guess my mission is more about running away from the digital noise of the screens in our pockets. I am constantly searching for spots with no wi-fi or any other connection (places where fewer people will want to go to). I am looking for a taste of wilderness even in the urban scapes. I am starving for the moments in time when being alone feels normal, even in the city.

Silence is not necessarily the absence of sound, but a different, more authentic way of living, hearing, seeing, thinking, connecting to a more meaningful flow of information from the universe than social media or news sites. Silence can be scary at first when you aren't used to being alone and your mind is still thirsting for noise. But when I get it, I feel such calm as the light breeze of my spirit speaks softly in my ear.