Isla Verde


24 Hours in Isla Verde


Located a few minutes from Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport is the beach resort of Isla Verde. It is so near you could walk if it wasn't for the airport runway blocking the way. It isn't the most picturesque of beaches, nor is it the best beach for swimming, however it does have its own rugged charm. We arrived on a Saturday afternoon as the sun began to set creating a beautiful Caribbean glow. We overpaid for our taxi journey from the Airport to our hotel, only later discovering that this journey was possible on a local bus costing a more acceptable 75 cents. Hotels towered into the pale blue Caribbean sky and stretched along the coastline into the distance. The strip ran all the way from the Isla Verde hotels to a public beach with soft, white sand rivalling any other beach the island had to offer. Of course if you were to compare it to other beaches  in the Caribbean it could potentially disappoint. Facing the Atlantic Ocean meant that the beach could get rather choppy,  however it's this stormy character that makes this place special. The beach suddenly emptied as darkness quickly fell and all that could be heard were the crashing waves as they rolled along the Isla Verde coastline. Feeling tired from the long flight and the time difference meant we went for an early dinner and fell asleep at around 8pm. We naturally woke up early to a breath taking balcony view. Waking up at 4am doesn't have many advantages, however it does allow you to capture this stunning coastline as it becomes saturated in a beautiful early morning glow. We took a stroll along the beach, heading towards San Juan old town as the sun crept out from behind the Atlantic Ocean. This was the best time to enjoy this magnificent coastline, the golden beach was deserted and the water was warm and inviting. There really isn't a sunrise quite as beautiful as a Carribbean sunrise. Whatever your view is on Isla Verde, this broad, mile-long wedge of sand is an undeniable beauty.

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