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Jökull, Upala and Salt

Jökull, Upala and Salt is a photobook and series by photographer Maegan Brown. Delve into her perspective of our vast and invigorating planet through intimidating aerial summits, mysterious landscapes and abstract patterns and textures. 

Words & Photography: Maegan Brown


In summary, Jökull, which I named the first series, is Icelandic for ‘glacier’. I’m drawn to remote, isolated, misty places where the landscapes seem untouched or perhaps deserted by civilisation. I feel calm and contemplative when I see places like these. The following two series Upala and Salt, were captured only a couple of months ago in Australia. Upala is Sanskrit for ‘precious stone’ and was taken at the Ballarat Mine. Salt depicts a salt lake in Southern Victoria.


Jökull is a photographic journey to unearth the etherial and barren lands of Iceland. From distorting heights, Brown amplifies the geothermal terrain and breathtaking glacial rivers, questioning scale and familiarity. The artist isolates minimal compositions, inviting open interpretation and giving us another perspective of this vast and invigorating planet.

Upala is an elegant photographic exploration, inspired by Brown’s Icelandic pilgrimage. With new eyes the artist observes regions of Victoria, Australia — specifically the Ballarat Mine Site. Upala invites you to look closer at the infinite and stark territory. Captured from an intriguing summit, this abstract series offers stillness and a chance to meditate on Australia’s land, place and inhabitation.

Salt — Brown’s most recent series, captures both the dark abyss and soft vividness of mysterious salt lakes, found in Southern Victoria, Australia. Taken from above, the artist uncovers the landscape’s awe by focusing on augmented shadows and reflections cast from aerial clouds. The cracked salt and sediment inspire a comparison to a moonlike terrain, whilst evoking a celestial and ghostly feeling.

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