Lake Eibsee


It was an eerie morning as we started our short walk around Lake Eibsee; the clouds were low and ground was damp. The light rain bounced off the windscreen as we pulled into the parking lot, the tyres on our rental car crunching as they rolled over the grit. The car park was deserted, it seemed no other walkers fancied taking an early morning stroll in the rain. We slammed the car doors shut and walked towards the shops and cafes on the edge of the lake. It was a relatively easy walk around the lake; maybe an hour and a half at a leisurely pace. The lake was calm, with a light drizzle causing tiny ripples on its surface. As we strolled along the stoney path we came to an opening between the trees. Zugspitze; Germany's highest mountain stood in the distance, towering into gloomy grey sky. It was a majestic sight and one that caused me to feel uneasy yet intrigued. The previous day we had hiked part way up this incredible mountain and the experience was one that would stay with me for a long time. Camera in hand I continued along the path until I came to a small wooden pier. The clouds had rolled in creating the perfect moody setting, allowing me to capture the true beauty of this mystic landscape.

Words & Photography: Mirko Nicholson