Lapland: A Photo Essay


A Photo Essay

Photography by Sanni Vierelä




The Finnish Lapland is vast. It covers an area larger than the whole of Portugal. Outdoor activities are the key to making the most out of the winter in Finland. Rucksack Magazine is currently running a new project; we have hand-picked a selection of world explorers and photographers to showcase their incredible photography. Rucksack Magazine presents Sanni Vierelä, a Finnish explorer and photographer based in Lapland. Sanni has captured these breath-taking images in various locations across Lapland, including Levi, Rovaniemi and Ruka. The Finnish Lapland is as close as reality gets to a true winter wonderland. Contrasts are a key factor in the allure of Lapland where 24-hour sunlight in the summer replaces the dark and bitterly cold winter days. However it is this Nordic winter that brings the perfect conditions for capturing snow-draped trees and wild reindeer roaming the unforgiving landscape. View more of Sanni's stunning lapland photography by visiting her Instagram page.


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