Learning from the Desert


A short story exploring a writer’s experience of visiting and learning from the desert.

Depending on where you are reading this from, the snow may be blanketing your streets and cars, or the nipping cold may be sneaking its way through the smallest of door frame slits. Thick socks and heavy sweaters are donned, and your nose never gets quite warm. Some people may be silently yearning for warmer days ahead or wish to immediately transport to a hot and arid climate for reprieve. As for me, I wasn't made for the desert. I crave the cold, snowy days; they are where I find comfort. But nature always teaches, even if you aren't ready to be taught. Perhaps an inconspicuous teacher, the desert is one that is both distinct and purposeful. One that encourages us to recalibrate and clarify. The most visible yet striking characteristic of the desert is its ability to envelope one in its vastness. It serves as a harsh reality to recalibrate our place in the world. To remind us that our accomplishments will likely be insignificant in a couple of years’ time; that few people actually care where you attended university, and while you may be proud of your large home or expensive car, in true reality you only occupy a very small place in the world. But the desert’s vastness also gives us a gentle, more tender nudge. It serves as a reminder that that argument with your loved one should have never happened, that you were just tired or that your ego got in the way on that late evening. Or maybe you realize that the small irritations of daily life are actually not so big, not so irritating. Or maybe you become aware that you want to be known less for your work accomplishments and more for how you spend time with your family and friends. Apart from the whipping winds and the occasional furtive scuttle of a small reptile, the desert offers an element we are rarely gifted in our normal lives: silence. Fewer distractions allow our minds to wander. It provides us with the opportunity to listen for the quieter suggestions and perspectives that are normally drowned out by the loudness of our lives. In a society that values productivity over daydreaming, our deeper selves rarely get the opportunity to surface. There are few moments where quiet reigns supreme and the creative aspect of our minds are given permission to take the lead. Giving our minds the headspace we are always lacking, we can begin to appreciate the simplicity the desert provokes, to notice the smooth, rolling hills of sand, the sharp lines of peaks carefully designed by the wind - not cluttered, marred, or rearranged by man. We can observe the towering stone structures, where persistent water and winds have been diligently sculpting for years. We too should be persistently carving away, to gain knowledge of our stripped down inner selves. With our tendency to overcomplicate, the desert provides a lesson in paring down, a sharp nudge to clarify our perspective. Like the best design work, we should be asking ourselves not what should be added, but what should be taken away. While the warmth of the desert may provide an extrinsic lure to such a unique place, it is in the awareness of the stark contrasts that the desert presents to our daily lives that we can further delve into the unexplored self. 

Words: Malinda Meadows
Photography: Dmitry Sovyak & Denisse Leon

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