Interview with Lukas Korynta

What inspired you to start taking photographs?

Memories. I’ve always loved looking back at photos and reliving some of my most memorable trips. I also loved how good it felt to just push the button and make random moments live forever through photographs - magic!

What type of photography are you most passionate about?

Definitely the everyday life stuff. I like making photos that mean something to someone so I always capture real moments. Maybe that’s why I became wedding and couple photographer. I feel like those photos matter because they symbolise something; whether it’s someone’s relationship, a significant chapter of their life or something else. I was never into fashion photography for this specific reason; it never felt real, at least not to me. My little photography motto actually is “Memories over Visuals”.

Where has been your favourite location to shoot so far and where do you plan to travel in the future?

I have to mention Iceland, although that might be a bit of a boring answer now we are in 2018. Besides that, I love the West Coast of the US as it offers beautiful forests as well as deserts, mountains and beaches within just a few hours of driving. I’m from central Europe so I’ve always loved getting out of the continent and exploring completely different landscapes. I’d love to visit Australia in the near future.

What inspired your decision to move from Prague to Portland?

Me and my girlfriend have been visiting the West Coast almost every year since we’ve met and we’ve explored most of it just through road tripping with friends and taking photos of each other for our blog. It always felt wrong to leave and every time we went back home we started planning another trip. But I guess one of the tipping points was when I started getting inquiries for weddings from the US and I felt like this would be a perfect time to go for it. Little did I know how long and complicated the working visa process was going to be, but anything is possible when you put your mind to it.

How do you capture the story behind your photographs?

I always try to capture specific moments behind every frame. I always tell my couples I’d much rather have an out of focus photo they’ll love than a technically perfect photo that has no meaning for them. For me, it’s all about feelings.

How did you decide to develop your own set of Lightroom presets? 

I was actually one of those people who were against selling presets. I just felt like nobody will care, but one time I blogged about some Lightroom editing tips and it went crazy online with tens of thousands of visits so I was getting a lot of questions. In that time Looks Like Film’s own Tribe Archipelago reached out to me and they wanted me to create a signature set for them. I love the LLF community and it’s pretty massive so I couldn’t say no to such a promising passive income. Now I’m known as an editing freak.

What kind of tone and style do you aim to capture with your presets? 

I don’t shy away from contrast and warm tones. That’s sort of my look, so my presets were made to give me and others some sort of consistency and a nice ‘earthy’ visual feel.

What advice would you give to photographers who are new to Lightroom?

Such a a great question! I would honestly say just play around. Just like with photography, you have to do this a lot and have fun doing it. Everything else will follow. Also, study presets and different settings instead of just clicking on them and moving on. It’ll help you understand where the magic is coming from.

To find out more about Lukas Korynta's signature Lightroom presets visit his website here