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Midnight Sun

Words & Photography: André Alexandre


I've always been a huge fan of snow; the cold and harsh environment it can create. I always seem to visit places where snow fall is guranteed – Iceland, the Faroe Islands and Greenland. I was very curious to get to know more about Greenland, I wanted to see one of the most remote places in the world in summertime. I was fascinated by the overwhelming contrast between the green valleys and the icebergs and glaciers. To travel around Greenland, the only chance to move between the communities was by boat or by plane as there are so few roads running throughout the country. I can honestly say that I will never forget this journey. I would be unable to erase the beauty of the tinge of the summer sun as it glowed throughout the night, or the majestic frozen cliff of an iceberg floating ominously through the calm waters. The glow of the midgnight sun creates an atmosphere like no other, a kind of half light whereby you are unsure how anyone who lives there ever sleeps when there is such beauty surrounding them.