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Photographer Tyler Sartor captures Oregon's raw beauty and rugged landscapes in this breath-taking collection of outdoor images.

Tyler Sartor is a freelance landscape photographer and visual creator located in Seattle, WA. His unique style is a reflection of his passion for nature and for people. Tyler has captured Oregon's raw and rugged landscape in this beautiful collection of images. Oregon is a state in the United States of America, and sits on the west coast between the states of California and Washington. Oregon's landscape is diverse, with a windswept Pacific coastline; a volcano-studded Cascade Range; abundant bodies of water; dense evergreen and vast forests at lower elevations; and not forgetting a high desert sprawling across much of its east all the way to the Great Basin. Oregon is 295 miles long from north to south and 395 miles from east to west at its longest distance. In land and water area, Oregon is the ninth largest state in the US. This photo essay by Tyler Sartor perfectly showcases the diverse beauty of this breath-taking state and and its uniquely independent spirit. For more stunning photography by Tyler Sartor make sure you check out his portfolio online at and follow him on Instagram @tysartor.

Photography by Tyler Sartor