Sandwich Harbour

Words & Photography: Ryan Cheng


Sandwich Harbour is located in-between the golden Namib Desert and the Atlantic coast. Locals aptly label it the ‘area where ocean meets sand.’ When we got out of the aged Land Rover and set foot on the rolling sand dunes, it became clear to me that deserts were more than just desolate, dry ecosystems. As the sun broke through the overcast morning, the environment began to come to life. The warm rays of light caused the seawater-laden sand to evaporate, creating a mystical fog that floated around us. Colours began to slowly reveal themselves; the sand sparkled golden – but the closer to the ocean we were, the more it gleamed pink. The Atlantic Ocean was a beautiful deep blue, providing a cool breeze – a welcome respite from the desert heat. Plants of all colours began to sway, gradually overwhelming the senses. But the most awe-inspiring element was seeing animals roaming around freely, in their natural state. Springbok would glide across the sand while flamingoes remained statuesque as the cold Atlantic water washed against them. Sandwich Harbour was a gentle reminder that beauty can exist even in the most unforgiving of places.