Storm in Snowdonia

I get to travel to Wales a lot through my involvement with the Duke of Edinburgh scheme and Scouting UK with outdoor expeditions. It is a country I have visited a great deal throughout my life, but this was a different kind of experience for me; joining several other photographers for a long weekend in Snowdonia. The weekend was far from plain sailing; our time there would collide with Storm Brian, but this didn’t stop us from getting out into the landscape and capturing the forever changing environment of the Welsh mountains and coasts. Over the course of a few days, we made our way around Anglesey and Glyderau. Vast mountain ranges and waterfalls mixed with the heavy rain and strong winds, creating new lakes where fields once were. The near torrential downpour cascaded off the mountain tops, forging new waterfalls which simply wouldn’t be there in the good weather. We felt, at times, as though we were doing something stupid, if not downright dangerous, by driving along the coastal roads through the storm to Penmon Point through the torrent of water now covering Ogwen Valley. A clear highlight of the weekend was the steep slate walls, small huts and scattered Autumn trees in Dinorwic quarry, a truly breath taking place to experience the fleeting rays of light shining through the ominous storm clouds gathering above.  

Words & Photography: Matt Holland