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Taking it for Granted

Words & Photography: David Herzog


It’s pretty damn easy to take it for granted, when you grow up in a country with beautiful mountains and alpine landscapes. At least, I’ve found so, until recently. It’s weird how quickly we forget how fortunate we are to live where we do. When you grow up in a beautiful place and get used to seeing such stunning scenery every day, it becomes normal, almost mundane at times. The same thing goes for me and the Swiss Alps. For me, these beautiful, craggy mountains have always just been something that are there, surrounding me each and every day. Of course I’ve hiked them quite a few times, but for some strange reason, until recently I never thought of them as photographic subjects. It was when I started capturing the mountains I felt able to truly see the beauty of these magnificent alpine landscapes; the beauty of them through the lens captured my imagination, and I remember being stunned by what I was seeing. I had lived for so long surrounded by them, but never truly seen them before.

I remember hiking up to the Seealpsee with my parents when I was a kid, but it never really left as strong an impression on me as it does today. Last year was the first time I actually realised how beautiful that lake so close to the Säntis actually is. Recently, I have found myself going back and admiring how each season drastically changes the landscape of the region. It’s such a beautiful place, but it is so important to realise that everyone lives near a location just as impressive, sometimes only a few steps away from their home. I think it’s pretty crazy how quickly we take these things for granted, and how it is all too easy to acknowledge them in passing and not give them the attention they deserve.

Get out there and never stop exploring.

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