The Land of Maybe

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A visual story by photographer Daryl Walker showcasing his experience of visiting the Faroe Islands.

Bound by the Atlantic, towering sea cliffs are constantly battered by powerful waves, their size heightened by the howling winds. Seabirds drift overhead, cruising the cold air currents and wailing to each other as they swoop and dodge the rising swell. At times, the grey sky parts to allow for moments of light to pour through the clouds as the rain eases off. The dynamic landscape changes, the light allowing it to be viewed from a totally different perspective. A remote place, in some areas the islands are one of complete solitude. Many areas are inhospitable, with some villages only inhabited by a few people. The scarcity of others allows for a complete sense of disconnect; it is a place to visit if you want some space, some time away from reality. 

Words & Photography: Daryl Walker

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