Unfamiliar Landscapes


Iceland is a place that looks so unfamiliar to me, with such a visually diverse landscape that I was instantly captivated and knew I had to visit. We travelled around the whole of Iceland for two weeks in the middle of winter and slept in a Jeep Wrangler. This was the best way to experience the country as the freedom allowed us to be more spontaneous and flexible; whenever we spotted something we liked the look of we would pull over to shoot. The weather in Iceland is so unpredictable and can switch in a matter of seconds. I remember driving in winds so fiercely strong that we had to pull into a petrol station and wait a few hours before it was legal to drive again. We had to shelter inside the plane wreck on Sólheimasandur beach when the wind had become so violent it wasn’t safe for us to be outside. We watched the landscape completely change before our eyes; the black sand beach became white in a matter of minutes. There is something about cold air and winter that I love, especially the diffused light which is so beautiful to work with. Iceland has a landscape which makes me feel so alive; it heightens my senses and the sheer size of the mountains makes me feel so small. It provided me with a fresh perspective on how big the world is and how tiny our individual lives are. Being within this kind of environment is a gentle reminder not to get consumed by the small things and how important a broad perspective of the world is. I wanted to capture these feelings through my photos by depicting the enormity and diversity of the landscape along with the wild weather conditions. I hope my images inspire people to begin new adventures and to push themselves out of their comfort zone.

Words & Photography: Maegan Brown