Walking into a White Dream


A poem by Emilie Van Camp about the beauty and excitement of discovering Lapland. 

Words & Photography: Emilie Van Camp


You cannot come back from a trip to wintery Lapland without being a little changed...
Having a few hours to enjoy daylight, 
we would arm ourselves with the warmest of shoes and clothes, 
first thing in the morning to brave the cold, 
to fill our lungs with the purest of air. 
Rosie cheeks. 
White Christmas trees. 
The sound of our boots on the snowy path.
Hot berry juice.
Snowflakes dancing in the sky. 
The sense of freedom,
of harmony, 
of communion with the elements. 
The constant movement of our heads, 
trying to catch a glimpse of the Northern Lights. 
Deep into nature, you cannot help but feel moved by the beauty that surrounds you.


Rucksack Magazine