Went West

Went West is the creation of Photographer Adrian Otero. It showcases a collection of images depicting what the west means to him and documents his travel across the region. 

'Went West' is a collection of photos that depict what the west has meant to me since I moved here a few years ago from across the ocean. Based in portland, I was lucky enough to travel to a lot of the national parks and wilderness areas of Oregon, California, Washington, Wyoming, Nevada, Montana and the Canadian provinces of British Columbia and Alberta.

More wild than tame, the west constantly reminds us we are newcomers to this land. While most of its secrets have been revealed and most of its challenges have been conquered, there are few places where one can feel more free and at the same time at home than within this epic masterpiece of mother nature.

'Went West' is available to purchase at www.aows.co.

Words & Photography: Adrian Otero