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Whale Watching in Gairloch

Words & Photography: Dan Cook

170908181922 - Minke Profile

Whale watching always seemed like a far flung exotic activity to me. It never really clicked in my mind that here on my home island it's possible to glide across the waves and find all manner of sea life thriving in the cold north. Close to home and yet seemingly a world away, my trip to Gairloch in the Wester Ross region of Scotland fulfilled a little dream I never knew I had. A departure from my usual focus on the spectacular landscapes of Scotland, here I was floating around in the waters of The Minch hoping to find animals I had never seen before.

170908175631 - Gliding Gannet
170908175804 - Our Great Skua Companion
170908174843 - Minke in the Minch
170908184017 - Flying Over the Waves
170908180152 - Feeding Gannets
170908180245 - Circling Gulls