Winter in the Pyrénées

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The purity of winter carries with her an infinite possibility of landscapes, but I only took my first true winter photos last year in the Pyrénées. I strongly feel that this glacial era is somehow a part of myself, an extension of my personality. I moved slower through the landscape, allowing me to capture the fragments of motionless time by the ice. I like the restless weather report winter brings with it. The wind appears suddenly, catching the snow like drifting feathers in the sky, the clouds dancing a ballet over my head. I feel more strongly for this season than I do for any other; it is an ethereal love and devotion I have reserved for this time of year only. I am planning to continue travelling amongst the mountains, as well as journeying through the Scandinavian winter. I find peace in the season of winter; a calm and stillness that is missing elsewhere.

Words & Photography: Kevin Meynier

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