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Rucksack Magazine are always looking for submissions in the form of stories, photo essays, photographer interviews and brand features.



If you are interested in contributing to Rucksack magazine, you have come to the right place. We are a creative journal all about photography, storytelling and discovery of the outdoors. We aim to provide a platform for new and emerging writers and photographers to connect with readership. We love hearing from talented writers, photographers and illustrators from anywhere in the world, and will always have a need for different editorial styles. We are design-driven and look for quality and integrity in every story we publish. Articles may be published on our online journal or our printed magazine. Some printed articles will also feature on our online journal. Our topics include stories, photo essays, articles, interviews and brand features.

Written submissions should be emailed as a Word or Pages document. Within the Word document please include the title to your story. If you are supplying photographs, they need to be a minimum 300dpi.

Stories will be published in English.

Submissions range from 500-2000 words for stories. For photo essays we just ask for a couple of sentences discussing how you captured your images.

If your piece is accepted, we may still revise and edit your piece to its final draft. Please do try to check the story a few times prior to sending to minimise the chance of mistakes. 

Unfortunately due to printing/production costs and no advertising revenue (our magazine is advert free) we are currently unable to pay our contributors (or ourselves). We do hope this does not deter you from working with us. We will always try to share your work across our social media accounts to help you gain further recognition.

We are always looking for submissions, both for our online journal and the printed magazine.

Please note: We only accept submissions that are wholly original ideas and are not in breach of any copyright laws. Unfortunately, due to the small size of our editorial team we cannot guarantee an individual response to all submitted pitches. We will be in touch within a month if your pitch has been successful. 

Email us at or complete the form below: