Rucksack Magazine is a printed publication dedicated to written and visual storytelling. Using a combination of photographs and writing, we celebrate the world we live in. Our journal provides a platform for new and emerging writers and photographers to connect with readership. We love hearing from talented storytellers and are always looking for different editorial styles. We are design-driven and look for quality and integrity in every story we publish. Each volume of Rucksack Magazine focuses on a specific theme; Volume One was ‘Winter’, Volume Two was ‘Journeys’, Volume Three was ‘Islands’ and Volume Four was ‘Pursuit’.

Volume Five Submissions:

We are delighted to announce that we are now opening submissions for our 5th issue of Rucksack Magazine. We are looking for stories about the city; the landscape, structures and day to day reality of urban life. In a move away from our more traditional focus, we want to portray the gritty, hectic and often overwhelming experience of life in the city. How do you find peace amongst the noise, calm amidst the chaos, silence when there is none? The stories in this issue will be written by both those who call the city home and those just passing through.

For written stories please send an example of your writing. For visual stories please send over a collection of example images. We are particularly looking for street and city imagery that has a vintage, yet timeless feel.

Submissions for Volume Five will close on 31st August 2019.

Please note: We only accept submissions that are wholly original ideas and are not in breach of any copyright laws. Unfortunately, due to the small size of our editorial team we cannot guarantee an individual response to all submitted pitches. We will be in touch within a month if your pitch has been successful. 

Please send all submissions to:

Above Photography by    Fran Mart

Above Photography by Fran Mart