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Rucksack Magazine is an independent journal about adventure and discovery. The Magazine journeys to the corners of our planet to pursue fascinating stories about rural pursuits and urban life. We began in 2016 as an online journal and are planning to go into print by the end of this year. Our journal is divided into articles, stories, photo essays and interviews exploring people, places and things from both city and country. We work as a platform for new and emerging writers, photographers, artists and entrepreneurs, connecting a global community of creative professionals. Our journal covers a variety of themes; art, photography, travel, adventure, discovery and brands.

We feature powerful imagery to encourage a passion for adventure, whether this is kayaking around frozen Svalbard or simply taking a different route to work. We work to inspire discovery in both the everyday and the extreme and our writing supports the idea of immersing oneself within a journey or image. We love to interview photographers, brands and entrepreneurs who focus on the discovery of new things. Our journal has no limits, no boundaries; it is there for those with a thirst for adventure, those who want to create something new, something exciting. It is there to inspire, to excite and to mesmerise. To contribute to Rucksack Magazine visit us here.




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